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Roof Coatings

Your roof is the crowning glory of your home. Not only does it sit on top, but when it comes to insulation it makes a lot of difference to the other parts of the house.

A coating on your roof helps to stop heat transfer. We believe that reflective foil underneath your roof covering is not the answer as it is only 48 per cent effective and has a limited life.

Suntraders’ coating is made in America and is the only coating that works. Where others only deal with the ultra-violet index rather than heat transfer, our coating has even been used on space equipment. All other coatings are imitations.

We stand by our coating which, in a controlled environment, has a 60-year warranty.

Suntraders’ own work vehicle is coated in this product and has never had need of air conditioning.

The coating is a DIY product and comes with a 10-year retail warranty.


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