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Draught Proofing

A thermal seal is essential in achieving effective insulation. Therefore, a comprehensive thermal seal is one of the most important reasons why we insulate a house. Air sealing is critical for stopping cold draughts from coming through your home. Even small gaps greatly reduce the effectiveness of your insulation.

There is likely to be a plethora of gaps, holes, and other openings in your home. You will find them near your windows, doors, and vents.

At Suntraders we seal and cap all these gaps, such as light fittings, exhaust fans and range hoods. In doing so we are guided by the Australian Standards so that nothing from your roof space can enter any habitable area.

Suntraders also do thermal imaging when we conduct a home energy audit to show our valued clients the importance of proper insulation.

Through blower door testing, we find every single air gap in your home.

Reap the financial rewards of having your home draught proofed. Message or call us today for a quote.


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